Management System

Integrated Management System

APGs’ Integrated Management System (IMS) has been created to maximise the quality of our services we deliver to our clients, as well as ensuring key business objectives are achieved.

The IMS incorporates management systems for best practices in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety outcomes. These management systems have been created to comply with both international and national standards and are constantly reviewed and audited to create an environment of continuous improvement.

Quality Management

APG is currently undertaking the best practices accreditation. This addition to our quality management system will further build on our considerable commitment to the total quality process and further ensure our clients expectations are met or exceeded; as well as ensuring all stakeholder and regulatory requirements are identified, implemented and maintained during the development and constructions processes.

APG recognises that quality is not the problem but the answer to the problem. Additionally we believe the essence of quality management is the ability to treat problems with the system and the workforce simultaneously.


APG recognises the enormous challenges the community faces regarding environmental sustainability and is committed to implementing effective environmental practices into its daily business process. All APG staff are encouraged and trained to be compliant with our environmental practices.

Workplace Health & Safety

APG accepts its responsibility, as an employer and principal contractor, for the well being of employees and sub contractors alike. We place the highest priority on a workplace that is safe. The company also believes it is a requirement for all present on any worksite to engage in reasonable care for the safety of themselves and others.

The implementation of APGs’ WH&S Management System ensures compliance with all relevant legislation, codes and standards in each area of its operation.